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Virtual Reality Therapy News (VRTnews) exists to help advance the effective use of virtual reality (VR) technology to improve people’s lives.

It is the destination for the latest news, videos and comment about the use of virtual reality technology applied in therapy.

The London-based founders, Luke Walker and Justin James, share a passion and deeply personal motivation to provide easily accessible, accurate, and practical information for our readers about the progress in virtual reality therapy (VRT).

With a greater understanding of the latest developments in VRT, including the conditions that are being treated effectively, we hope to help people make informed decisions as to the potential benefits it may have for them.

More information

For a more detailed explanation of virtual reality therapy, please visit the page What is VR therapy?

For information on how VRT can help with the following conditions, please click on the relevant links below:


Luke Walker

Luke Walker

Luke is one of those perpetually curious people, always wondering how things work and what makes them tick. His interest in finding things out led him to a degree in Astrophysics and then onto an earlier career spanning technology magazines and enterprise software. Eventually arriving at the questions he has most obsessed over, and to which he still has not come across satisfactory answers: “Who are we? Why do we do the things we do? What drives and motivates us?”, Luke has channelled his curiosity into a drive for greater understanding about ourselves and how we can improve our health and happiness.

Justin James

Justin James

Justin knows how life-changing therapy can be. Today he is fit and healthy, but he hasn’t always been that way. During his teenage years he was rising through the ranks of the music industry but paying a heavy price on his health and wellbeing. By age 21 he was very overweight, constantly anxious, and suffering from regular panic attacks. It took the support of friends and the help of patient therapists to change his life. He now has a beautiful family, lives simply but happily, and is ever grateful for the help he received. Justin has turned this gratitude into a passion for helping others.


To contact the founders directly, please email luke@vrtherapynews.com or send us a message via the Contact Us page.

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